Financial Constraints On Gun Makers Make Second Amendment Meaningless

With mass shootings on the increase, the firearms industry is being scrutinized on all sides. Lawmakers are forced to deal with a heavy hand with regulations.

What use is the Second Amendment if the gun industry is dealt a heavy hand asks legal counsel Michael Hammond, from the Gun Owners of America?

AR-style guns are not able to get financial support from Bank of America, while Corporate America has taken a firm hand against the industry as a whole. Payment processing issues are faced while making transactions. Problems that the firearms industry was facing have galvanized into a heavy threat to the industry. Walmart will not be providing firearms or similar weapons to people under the age of 21. The list against firearms goes on.

Will the Congress come to the aid of the industry?

The current situation has been noted by the Republicans. Sen. Mike Crapo, the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. He has come forward to protect the industry. He has issued letters to Citigroup and Bank of America not to frame their own rules to restrict firearm sale.

The gun industry has shown good sales, with an increase in its monthly reports from the previous year’s report. The industry does not have any problems as yet, as these financial issues have cropped up of late. But if the future of the industry is to be sound, laws against such regulations from banks have to be set up, feel gun makers.

The National Rifle Association has observed that Airlines like United Airlines and Delta have stopped their discount offer in fares to NRA members. Similarly, a co-branded Visa credit card has not been branded for an NRA member.

But lawmakers like Lt. Governor Casey Cagle were seen leading a movement in the Legislature to fine Delta on the jet fuel tax break, which was related to the NRA restrictions.