FB’s Glitch May Have Compromised The Privacy Of 14 Million Users

A sudden malfunction in Facebook has exposed private data of the users to the public without their consent or knowledge. It is speculated that none less than 14 million users will be affected due to the glitch.

As per the reports, the bug had set the privacy settings of a user from friends or friends of friends to everyone while the user was in the middle of posting on the platform.

The Head of Privacy from Facebook, Erin Egan had apologized for the technical error that had unintentionally revealed sensitive information of the users to the rest of the world. She stated that the concern was noticed all of a sudden and it was fixed immediately. However, with this announcement she had also requested the people to check the privacy settings of the previous posts, which might have been exposed to the people without their knowledge. It was found that the bug affected the social media site between 18th and 22nd May. Therefore, the people were requested to check their posts during that period of time.

To be on the safer side, the users who have already been affected will be notified on their newsfeed for carrying out the further rectification. In spite of the bug being deactivated on 22nd May, it took 5 days for the authority to realize the same.

Usually, Facebook remembers the last selection of the privacy setting while posting by a user. Whenever a user tries to post anything on the wall, it automatically selects the previous setting. However, in this scenario, irrespective of what the users chose the previous time, the privacy setting converted to the public setting.

This glitch was an embarrassing scenario for the company as it was already amidst a controversy surrounding data privacy and data sharing with companies like ZTE & Huawei.