FB Under Fire From US And British Lawmakers Over Data Breach

FB Under Fire From US And British Lawmakers Over Data Breach

Lawmakers in United States and Britain are demanding an enquiry into the sensational breach of Facebook’s data that supposedly helped President Donald Trump’s victory in the elections of 2016. Some members of Senate Judiciary Committee have also asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to present himself before an investigation panel and explain his role in the data misuse case in which targeted political advertisements were used to swing voters. This media backlash has been endless after it was revealed that profiles of 50 million Facebook users was compromised and used for political gain.

FB Under Fire From US And British Lawmakers Over Data Breach


According to media sources Cambridge Analytica a political data analysis firm that is jointly owned by Steve Bannon, a former aide of Donald Trump and Robert Mercer a wealthy donor of Republican Party used data derived from Facebook to carry out psychographic profiling of American voters in specific states. Though the data breach had occurred and Facebook was aware of it none of the users had been informed which could violate privacy laws in both US and UK. To diffuse the situation and allay fears of further breaches, Facebook had sent its officers that are well-versed in policy issues to answer a panel’s queries in February.

The popular social media platform is already facing heat after a section of the media had reported that its data was being used Russian propaganda to spread fake news. Facebook has been on the defensive mode since last year and its senior executives have claimed on Twitter that its data has not been breached. They claimed that user data had been used with permission of Facebook users in 2014 to complete a study being carried out by Cambridge University’s scientists and had claimed that data from Facebook users could reveal personality traits about them which was invisible to their parents and romantic partners.

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