FB Talks Of Transparency, Experts Doubt

As per the latest ad archive released by Facebook, the tracking of data will be done as per the gender, location, and age of the users. The social media giant is on the verge of making an API or Application Programming Interface in order to bestow a few actors an intensified access to data.

This was proudly announced to depict the transparency and accountability of the platform in regards to the usage of the sensitive data of the users. This step was taken by the company in light of the recent events that brought the company into a negative platform.

On the contrary, the Chief Technology Officer from Brainlink, Raj Goel stated that the exclusive way of washing the hands of Facebook from the allegations and proving its seriousness towards data security is allowing the auditors, from the neutral point of view to analyze the API or the Application Programming Interface and ensure data of the users is secure. However, the situation is standing on an ambiguous scenario as Goel is unsure whether or not Facebook will appoint an unbiased source to judge the neutrality of data.

The latest archive from Facebook involves information on ads that fall under the vicinity of politics and its amalgamation with the election. In order to make things transparent, Facebook will allow the users to click on the ad that will take them to the archive, mentioning the sponsor and amount of money involved in the advertisement.

On the other side, the latest API will allow the other people to access data but Facebook has not yet revealed who will be given the permission to access the ad archives.

However, Steve Satterfield, the director of Privacy & Public Policy said that the number of people who will be given access to the same is being analyzed which will lead to a concrete decision.