Facebook to Suspend 200 Apps for Data Misappropriation

Facebook to Suspend 200 Apps for Data Misappropriation

Facebook made an important announcement of suspending about 200 apps for improper use of data.

Customers are unhappy with the way their data has been used. They feel that individual data has been used as products, with no security provided to them.

Suspension of these apps is an attempt to protect user information after the Cambridge Analytica issue came up, by which information from users had been accessed and misused. It is said that about 87 million users of Facebook have misused data and which have raised controversial issues.

Users are still not exposed to the number of apps they have been connected to with their account. To learn more, you can go to the App page on Facebook and go to Settings to just check the apps connected to. To delete your Facebook or to deactivate, you can delete your account permanently to protect all data about yourself. You will find that you have been connecting with many apps like Venmo and Airbnb, through Facebook, while accessing the social network.

The company assures, that al work to identify these apps that have misused data information, will be speeded up. “Though 200 of them have been suspended, many more are still being investigated and if evidence is found, they will be definitely banned”, the company claims.

myPersonality is one such app that has been suspended for misusing more than 3 million user data from Facebook.  The app which was used till 2012 has been providing data that has been easily available for four years.

Users have been making status updates, posting photos and providing data in the backup system for storage. Third-party apps make use of these personal data for their private use. You can delete your Facebook account say, angry users. Users are particularly unhappy with the exposure, as WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion.

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