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Facebook Shares Data With Chinese Firms, Including Huawei

Data security of the social media giant, Facebook is under a big question. However, the CEO Zuckerberg has confirmed that various measures regarding the security have already been implemented and many are under process. Amidst the allegations and clarifications, it has confirmed that Facebook is in partnership with various Chinese firms in terms of sharing data. These firms also include Huawei, which has already been marked by the intelligence department of the US as a security threat.



According to the agreement, the experience of Facebook in these smartphones will be better than the others. However, Facebook backed its decision of the agreement by stating that the information of the users is stored in the phones and not the server, which doesn’t leave any scope for the security breach. Along with the social media site, the Chinese smartphone company also stated that the motto behind the agreement was to enhance the user experience and not to sabotage data. Moreover, Huawei has never stored single information of the clients but has put endless endeavor to make the usage of Facebook in the smartphones easier for the clients.

However, the present scenario is being scrutinized to judge the statements and reality behind the agreement between these two reputed companies.

During the initial part of the week, the NY Times has confirmed that Facebook has allowed none less than 60 gadget makers an endless access to the information provided by the users. This has allowed these companies to store information without any intimation to the users, posing threat to their personal security.

However, Mark Warner, the US Senator had said that it was known that Facebook has been sharing information with other companies but the disclosure of the name Huawei has definitely raised authentic concerns regarding the same. However, the fate of the social media giant is yet to be seen as Zuckerberg had already apologized for the Cambridge Analytica scandal that was primarily caused due to Facebook.