Ex Bangladesh PM Khaleda Zia Released On Bail

Ex Bangladesh PM Khaleda Zia Released On Bail

Khaleda Zia, former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, who was sentenced to serve five-year imprisonment due to corruption, is released on bail. However, the imprisonment has proved to be the biggest setback in her political career.

Ex Bangladesh PM Khaleda Zia Released On Bail

She was found to be in connection with the embezzlement of $250,000 or 21 million taka that was primarily targeted as a donation for the Zia Orphanage Trust. This trust was a non-profit organization named after her late politician husband Ziaur Rahman, who was in the military before joining politics. Tarique Rahman, her son was sentenced to 10 year imprisonment along with 4 other companions.

ACC blamed that the Zia Charitable Trust was existent only on the papers to attract a huge amount of money during the government of BNP in 2001-2006.

The High Court of Dhaka declared a 4 months interim bail of the chairperson of BNP or Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

She was also asked to submit a brief statement related to the appeal within two weeks time after the Anti Corruption Commission files its statements. The brief statement will include the integrated points that were placed in defense of the case when it was first placed in the court.

On Monday, a completely functional bench of Appellate Division that was led by Syed Mahmud Hossain, the Chief Justice, sanctioned the order, which will stay until May 8, 2018.

She will not be allowed to leave the jail before the aforementioned date, as ordered by the Supreme Court of the country.

Hossain further stated that the decision was taken after minutely studying the case of Zia. However, the lawyer of the former PM stated that it is exceptional for the Supreme Court to not give any valid reason for allowing the leave-to-appeal petition that was filed by the government as well as ACC against the bail order released by the High Court.


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