Coming Generations Will Pay Heavily If UK Govt. Doesn't Act On Climate Change Bill

Coming Generations Will Pay Heavily If UK Govt. Doesn’t Act On Climate Change Bill

According to the report released by the Committee on Climate Change, the youth must take over the present scenario in order to get a firm hold on the future. To be precise, the present UK government is not taking the climate change bill seriously which may lead to severe consequences in the days to come.

The farming, homes, and road traffic are causing the increase in the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which must be corrected. In fact, if the corrective measures are not taken with immediate effect, the global warming will give a tough time to the people of the next generation.

In response to the concern raised, the government has stated that it has the motto to lead the world in the path of greener climate and will soon be launching low-carbon transportation.

The UK has not been offering an active support in depleting the emission of carbon, which is contributing to the warming of the planet. The committee even revealed that the UK fired a good start which lost its pace in due course. Rather, the endeavor to deplete the carbon emission is stalled on behalf of the UK.

The members of the committee believe that a stable change in the general practices will lead to a huge change in the future. The introduction of electric cars will be great rather than looking for technologies to cut on carbon emission.

In the challenging scenario, a few industries have excelled while a few have failed. The emission from the power industry has reduced to half while that from the waste has gone down by 23%. The farming industry has not performed well as it has slipped by 3% while the transportation department is contributing to the most of the emission as it has splurged by 3%. Hence, the committee has emphasized to implement the corrective measures in the transportation department.

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