Benjamin, The Artificial Intelligence In Movie Making, Zone Out

Zone Out, the film is directed by Benjamin, an AI.

It took just 48 hours to create the film. The film is written and directed using Artificial Intelligence, Benjamin.

The people who made Benjamin are now eager to make more automated video creation. There is no fine line between real and unreal, through face-swapping technology and AI to direct them.

Thomas Middleditch, the star from Silicon Valley, has lent his face and it takes an out-of-the-world look on the screen.

Benjamin was created in 2016 but was first named as Jetson. Sharp along with Ross Goodwin took up the 48-hour challenge to bring Sunspring, the film which got a spot in the first ten at the Sci-Fi film festival at London. This was done with Middleditch and Gray.

The next year, the film made with AI by Sharp and Goodwin was It’s No Game, which was also a great hit and came up in the third position.

This year it is Zone Out. In this film, Benjamin has been actively involved in everything. It includes using technology in voice-generation and face-swapping.

The cloud-based AI worked on neural networks and used 11 different generative adversarial networks or GAN, to generate content, to judge content, etc. Machine learning network from Google’s TensorFlow was also applied.

Though Zone Out did not take any great place in the Sci-Fi 48-hour challenge in London, Sharp and Goodwin are impressed with the achievement made through artificial intelligence. The final effects of the film were however not as expected. Insufficient time and difficulty in generating dialogue from the actor’s voice were just some attributes that contributed to the negative aspects of the film.

But Sharp and Goodwin are quite satisfied with the outcome. Benjamin has been a success.

Machine learning software has, however, brought fake porn into the world, where celebrity’s faces are used through face-swapping.