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We know that writing articles, updates and insights takes up valuable time – that’s why, when you send your piece to us, we make sure that potential clients and interested parties see it when they need it – at the point, they are searching for information. We work hard to distribute your content widely and make your investment in time work for you.

we’re looking for

We’re looking to identify the next big thing – social, political, economic, cultural – that will significantly affect our lives, even if we don’t know it yet. We are interested in contributors’ passion and engagement and their ability to tell a fresh story vividly, accurately and tightly. We like conceptual reporting that is backed by solid, evidenced data. We are looking for first-hand reportage – not summaries or cuttings jobs – that conveys immediacy and color. And we need quotes that are direct and active from people who are significant to the story.

Tips for contributors

  • Articles should be 320-520 words.
  • Start with a headline and follow with an outline.
  • Make sure your article unique, No duplicate content will be accepted.
  • Use simple, direct prose and active verbs.
  • Every writer needs an editor. Ask a colleague to review your article to make sure the points you make are clear before you submit it.

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