Azure Cloud And Microsoft Ai Platform To Power HCL's Lab 21

Azure Cloud And Microsoft Ai Platform To Power HCL’s Lab 21

To assist enterprise user in regions such as Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Advanced Analytics, this week HCL Technologies declared a devoted high-tech tech development hub.

Azure Cloud And Microsoft Ai Platform To Power HCL's Lab 21

“Lab 21,” which is located in Redmond, will assist HCL deploy and develop high quality business solutions on the basis of the Azure Cloud and Microsoft AI platform that will assist increase value creation and pace adoption for enterprise users.

“Our spending in ‘Lab 21’ toward designing deep competencies on Cortana Intelligence stack of Microsoft strengthens our promise to bring the authority of superior AI and Cloud services to our users via ‘DRYiCE.’ ‘DRYiCE’ is our award-winning collection of AI solutions,” claimed CTO and CVP for IT Services at HCL Technologies, Kalyan Kumar, to the media in an interview.

The lab is as big as 5,000 Square Feet and houses a group of architects, data scientists, and big data experts who aims completely on domain and vertical solution services, employing the Microsoft AI Platform.

“I am eager about strong commitment of HCL to our cloud association since their Lab 21 will offer a portal for showcasing and building industry horizontal and vertical solutions with the Microsoft Azure and Microsoft AI Platform,” claimed CVP at Microsoft Corp., Michael Angiulo, to the media in an interview.

Earlier, in order to get its hand in the sector of self-driving cars, Microsoft utilized AI to give autonomous gliders the power to decide while they are up in the sky. It performed a successful flight examination in the U.S. state of Nevada. Microsoft aims to develop an autonomous airplane that can ultimately ride through the air for hours or days at a time while using very little fuel. It will also assist scientists monitor farm crops, track weather patterns, or even deliver the Internet to places where it is or else not available.

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