AT&T, Novartis Paid Cohen To Get Insights Into Trump's Thinking

AT&T, Novartis Paid Cohen To Get Insights Into Trump’s Thinking

Since the election and subsequent taking control of the office by the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, two huge corporate entities, AT&T and Novartis were keen on developing relations with the newly elected president and his government. AT&T is a major telecommunication company, while Novartis is a pharmaceutical major from Switzerland.

In order to achieve this and that too with a government, which did not follow the conventional mechanisms of power, the two companies recruited Michal Cohen, an unconventional consultant, who assured the companies that he will provide the companies with the understanding of the thought process of the POTUS. Notably, Cohen has been the fixer and personal attorney of the president for a long time now.

Novartis team stated on Wednesday that after the first sit-down with Michael posts his appointment as a consultant, it was clear to the company that he would not be able to live up to his promise. Despite this, the company provided him a payment of $1.2 million for his services for a year, the agreement for which ended in February 2018.

Notably, the same kind of payments was also made by AT&T to Michael Cohen’s company for a contract for a year, which amounted to $600,000. Mr. Cohen’s firm also had a contract with an aviation company which goes by the name Korea Aerospace Industries.

Michael Avenatti is the attorney for Stephanie Clifford, the porn film star, who had announced a while ago that she had a liaison with Donald Trump. On Tuesday, Avenatti made some financial details regarding the company of Mr. Cohen public, which led to revealing of these payments received by the company. Notably, the company of Mr. Cohen – Essential Consultants L.L.C. had made a payment of $130,000 to Stephanie to stay silent on this matter of affair with Mr. Trump.

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