Apple Podcasts Streams 50 Billion Shows, Indeed A Milestone In The Industry!

Apple Podcasts Streams 50 Billion Shows, Indeed A Milestone In The Industry!

Apple didn’t get the appreciation as it expected while the announcement of Podcasting. The tech-giant announced new milestones for downloads and also offered clear insights of the newly launched Podcast Analytics.

Currently, the Podcasts of Apple hosts around 5, 50,000 shows which were lower in April, i.e. 5, 25,000. It is indeed a considerable achievement for the brand as it hosted 3000 programs in its initial launch in 2005. However, the added numbers of the program are 18.5 million that represents 155 countries and in 100 different languages.

Since its launch, 50 billion episodes are streamed and downloaded and the number is of course increasing. In 2016, the number grew to 10 billion and in 2017 it reached 13.7 billion. Apple proudly announced, there Podcast is the first to reach the 500 million mark for download/streaming.

As per the Analytics, Apple would issue several other tools for utilizing the features on the shows as per the requirement. The company yet has not declared the timeline of releasing the tools to meet the requirements of the strict rules. The Podcast providers will meet the requirements with the changed very soon! Including Meta Data and Cover Art are the current requirements.

The announced changes join the company’s guidelines issued in the past for acceptance of the features in its app for the selection of the process that combines automated reviews and humans.

The innovative rules will turn Analytics accessing stricter but will maintain the Podcast and turn it into the democratized platform in favor of media creation. The Podcast has remained as the biggest appeal of the mediums. If you are a person having access to the microphone of the cheap computer, you would get access to the platform.

Apple is in efforts to push the Podcast providers to meet high-quality standards with excellent mastering levels!

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