Apple Likely To Enhance Water-Resistance Of Upcoming iPhones

Apple Likely To Enhance Water-Resistance Of Upcoming iPhones

In the tech calendar, September is always witnessed as an important month since each year Apple reveals its series of fresh iPhones. The latest rumor in the line discloses that the new models might get extra water resistant in comparison to the earlier models. A copyright has been filed by the app for electronic devices’ sealed accessories.

AS per the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the patent by Apple states that “Accessories for an electronic device are sealed and include a connector having a deformable seal positioned on it such that when the connector is mated to the electronic device a liquid-tight seal is formed between the accessory and the electronic device. The accessories have functions that are useful in moist, wet and/or dirty environments.”

For the reference, the Apple iPhone X already has an IP67 rating. In different words, the device can be flooded for up to 30 Minutes in 1 Meter deep water. On the other hand, the new model may just get extra water resistance. While nothing additional has been disclosed but the copyright does recommend that Apple may just make its handsets launch with IP68 rating. The IP68 rating handsets can save your devices for 40 Minutes and up to 1.5 Meters of water. It cannot be determined whether the handsets that are supposed to be rolled out in September will have this function or not. On the other hand, we can securely say that this is a characteristic that will come with the iPhone in due course.

Talking of 2018 iPhones, similar to 2017, this year Apple is aiming to reveal 3 new handsets. Amongst these will be a 2nd-gen iPhone X that is anticipated to sport the similar OLED 5.8-inch screen. The next one is supposedly the iPhone X Plus that will launch with an OLED 6.5-inch screen. Rumors are high that Apple may roll out a 3rd handset, a cheaper 6.1-inch model. This handset might come with an LCD full active screen, the one employed in premium versions of the handsets. The 3 new models are rumored to sport an edge-to-edge display.

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