AMD To Roll Out Patches To Fix Some Chip Errors

AMD To Roll Out Patches To Fix Some Chip Errors

Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD), the chipmaker, this week claimed that it projected to roll out patches to solve some of the errors in its chips highlighted last week by CTS Labs. CTS Labs, the Israeli cyber security research company, claimed in its report that the hackers will require administrative authorization to use the vulnerabilities.

AMD To Roll Out Patches To Fix Some Chip Errors

“Any hacker getting unauthorized access to administrative rights will have a huge range of assaults at their disposal well further than the exploits recognizes in this study,” claimed the chipmaker this week to the media in an interview.

Just 2 days ago when the study was made communal, the short selling of AMD’s share elevated by almost 15 Million shares, as per a financial analytics company, S3 Partners. CTS officials had claimed to the media that they shared their discovery and study with some customers who pay the company for proprietary investigation on vulnerabilities in hardware of computers.

Earlier, Microsoft Corp claimed had it suspended patches to guard in opposition to Spectre and Meltdown safety threats for some devices operating on AMD chipsets. This comes after grievances by AMD users that the updates of software jammed their devices.

Microsoft claimed in a user support blog post that it had got grievances from AMD users that their devices stopped showing the taskbar or Start menu after downloading security updates of Windows operating system. The problems impact older versions of its chips, AMD claimed to the media in an interview.

Some complaints on user support blogs explained freezing of computers when consumers tried to download patches of Microsoft on Athlon X2 decade-old chips. A spokesperson refused to detail the array of AMD processors impacted. “AMD is known for a problem with some old generation processors after installation of a security update of Microsoft that was rolled out over the weekend,” the statement from AMD claimed.

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