Amazon Launches Model Smart Homes For The U.S. Users To Test Alexa

Amazon Launches Model Smart Homes For The U.S. Users To Test Alexa

This week Inc. claimed that it has arranged model “smart” homes all over the U.S. for users to experience what it is like for Alexa to switch the TV on, dim the lights, or order other stuffs.

The launch highlights how Amazon plans to make more of Alexa and work on the increasing list of services by the company, from home security to entertainment & shopping, a daily fraction of users’ lives. It also increases the competition with vendors such as Best Buy Co Inc. that aim on advising shoppers and showcasing technology.

Being the biggest online retailer in the world, Amazon claimed that it has joined hands with Lennar Corp. to change some of the model homes by home construction company into Alexa showrooms. The supposed “Amazon Experience Centers” are now operating in almost 15 cities comprising Dallas, Los Angeles, and Washington, with many more to launch.

“This week, the options open to users are, you can head to a brick-and-mortar shop and you can witness the devices on demo tables. Or you do your research by going online. But you basically are left to picture what an equipped home will look like,” claimed general manager for Amazon Services, Nish Lathia, in the California experience center of the company’ outside San Francisco.

“The centers are aimed to inspire and educate. On the secondary advantage, yes, if it boosts sales, we are not argumentative,” he further claimed. President of Lennar Ventures, David Kaiserman, claimed that the centers must elevate traffic to model homes of Lennar and spark thoughts for possible home purchasers. Lennar will get an average commission for Amazon sales to users that it assisted.

Speaking of Amazon, the firm might have gone too far when it declared previous month a 20% elevation in price for its Prime membership. This is up from $99 annually to $119. The company reported a record $1.6 billion in net earnings and $51 billion in sales.

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