Amazon Banning Customers Who Return Items Too Often

Amazon Banning Customers Who Return Items Too Often

Amazon offers its customers with a flexible return policy. Recently, The Wall Street Journal has proclaimed that the company has banned some of its customers for violation of rules, including the return of items too often. However, the banned users are not informed about it priorly.

Amazon’s return policy has never informed its customers that the company can ban them from returning too many items. However, the company’s conditions of “use clearly” say that the company reserves the right to terminate accounts at its discretion.

Many Amazon customers reported on the social media. They used Twitter and Facebook to share that the company has closed their accounts without informing about it. Last month, one of the Amazon prime members shared their experience on the social media. They said that their accounts had been closed without prior explanation from the company.

Amazon representative asserted that the organization wants everyone to provide easy access to Amazon. However, there are rare occasions where some customers abuse the services provided by the company over an extended period of time. Further, he explained that the company never takes these decisions lightly. But with over 300 Million customers globally, the company takes corrective actions to protect the user experience.

He suggested that the customers should contact the company directly if they feel that the company has made an error. Further, he assured that the company will review their account and take appropriate action in case of any error.

eBay, an e-commerce company, announced the Summer Seller Update today. It comprises some of the major changes to eBay Stores. Also, it includes an expansion of its new product-based shopping experience (PBSE). Sellers will also have to deal with changes influencing their returns policy, seller metrics, catalog modifications, and in some countries, new fees.

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