Amazon Aims To Convey Image Search-Supported Shopping In India

Amazon Aims To Convey Image Search-Supported Shopping In India

Amazon Aims To Convey Image Search-Supported Shopping In India

Amazon is trialing image search and barcode scan-based shopping in the country amongst a small bunch of consumer on Android handsets as it sees to make finding of goods simpler. The effort is also to make an entry into the offline consumer base, which can scan the good or its barcode to put an order online via Amazon. This function has been obtainable in India on the iOS platform.

Amazon Aims To Convey Image Search-Supported Shopping In India

TMall, the arm of Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba, experimented a similar initiative in 2017 at the time of its Singles Day sales with a handful of brands. If productively rolled out, this can give a noteworthy drive to overall sales of Amazon here. In the U.S., the firm had first begun a parallel project in 2014 with a different device named as Amazon Dash Wand that was for applicable only Prime users and mainly for grocery goods.

Now, image-supported search is extensively obtainable for consumers in the U.S. Sources claimed that Amazon India is operating with particular sellers and restricted set of goods in the testing stage here. A wider launch out will rely on the viability and success of the current project.

“As we carry on to innovate with new discoverability and search functions, we are presently testing the image scan search function on the Android app with restricted user visibility. This is already obtainable on the iOS application,” an Amazon India spokesperson claimed to the media in an interview.

The iOS accessibility is also limited to specific goods here. In addition to this, trialing image searching on Android handsets will be more important for a market similar to India. As per a market research, online statistics, and business intelligence portal, Statista, Android has a share of more than 82% of the mobile operating system industry in December 2017 in India.

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