AI To Be The Main Weapon Against Cancer, Theresa May To Say

Theresa May said that with the advent of artificial intelligence, the diagnosis of cancer and other health-related disorders can be hugely transformed. The PM asks the technology companies and NHS to utilize AI as the new weapon in the medical industry.

Mrs. May said during a speaking in Macclesfield, “Late finding of treatable illnesses (cancers) is the biggest cause of avoidable deaths.” Experts revealed the new technology with AI can be utilized to prevent around 22,000 deaths annually by 2033 as well as help fight against diabetes, heart disease, and dementia.

The PM desires to see computer programs examining the medical records of the patient, lifestyle and genetic data to find cancer. She added, “The development of technologies to evaluate huge data quickly and with high precision opens a whole new level of medical research.”

James Gallagher, a Correspondent, BBC Health & Science, said, “The plan of Mrs. May, chine with an excitement in the medical field about the possible use of AI and data.” He added, “There are many challenges including creating the ideal infrastructure in the health industry, differentiating the genuine and hyped innovation and ensuring the safety of highly confidential health data of an individual,” agreed, CEO, Sir Harpal Kumar, Cancer Research.

Chief Executive, Simon Gillespie, British Heart Foundation, said, “Use of AI to evaluate the MRI Scans possibly finds early signs of various heart-related diseases which may be left undiagnosed by the existing technology.”

Mrs. May, during her speech, took the chance to announce a new goal of making sure that five more years of individual’s life will be independent, active and healthy by 2035.

Cancer Research UK says diagnosing the number of bowel, lung, ovarian and prostate cancer at early stages can avoid many deaths every year. “This technological advancement with AI can lead to faster diagnosis with more customized treatment alternatives which can ultimately save many lives every year.”

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