After Airbus, Warning Comes From BMW For The UK

After Airbus, Warning Comes From BMW For The UK

The Brexit uncertainty has given birth to numerous circumstances, one of which is the threat from Airbus to leave the UK. After the Airbus, BMW, the car giant, has also issued a similar warning. The jobs of 14,000 employees of Airbus are at an extreme risk if the transition deal is not designed before the UK exits the customs union and single market.

Ian Robertson, the boss of BMW of the UK branch has cleared his intention of receiving a green signal by the time the summer ends. On the reverse consequences, the existence of the company in the country will be in a great dilemma. BMW makes Rolls Royce and Mini in the UK and has around 8,000 employees.

In response to the threats issued by the industrial giants, the government of the UK has said that they are hopeful to acquire a favorable deal that will pave better results for the industries.

Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK has declared to leave the customs union and it will take a leave from the European Union on 29th March 2019. The customs union accumulates the 28 members of the European Union in an arena that is duty-free. Under this area, the duty on all the non-EU goods has a stable rate.

The Brexit negotiations have raised concerns in various industries but most of them have decided to maintain a tight lip regarding the matter. However, the decision taken by the Airbus is being scrutinized. Sir Bernard Jenkin, a supporter of the Brexit, has also described the comments of the Airbus as a speculation that is seen in all the phases of the referendum on behalf of the industrial giants.

Katherine Bennett, the Head of Airbus in the UK has also stated that the exit plan is not a threat but a reality which is about to dawn on the country.

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