A Study Reveals, What Lies Within The Antarctica Ice Sheets

Antarctica, the frozen continent of our planet, has coolly hidden many big things inside it. The things are as big as mountain and valleys. Yes, you heard it right!

The report was published in Geophysical Research Letters, a Journal. The report has the findings which are first to rise from the heavily ice-penetrating radar data gathered in Antarctica as part of a PolarGAP project, an ESA (European State Agency) initiative.

However, there are a lot of satellite data which captures the Earth’s surface and inside it, but there is a gap in the region of South Pole, which is not in the coverage of satellites because of the inclination of orbits. This gives rise to develop the PolarGAP Project, which is specifically designed to cover the gap in the data coverage of the South Pole and specifically attaining the data about the absence of gravity.

A team of researchers from North Umbria University, the UK, led the study and found three huge sub-glacial valleys for the first time in the Western region of Antarctica. The three valleys are named as Foundation Trough (biggest one) with more than 350 Kms in length and 36 Km wide. It is followed by Patuxent Trough, which is more than 300 Kms in length and 15 Km wide. Last but not the least; the Offset Rift Basin is 150 Kms in length and 30 Km wide.

These valleys are supposed to have a crucial part in the future as they can assist in channeling the flow of ice from the center of the continent to the direction of the coastal region. The principal researcher, Fausto Ferraccioli, said, “By mapping the mountainous regions and these 3 deep troughs, we have the most crucial part of the puzzle which helps in understanding, how the Ice sheet from East Antarctica has behaved till now and how will it behave in future.”