A Study By Paleontologists, Dandruff Exists Before Humans On Planet

Dandruff, our own white snow, which sometimes even falls, is among the most common issue of almost every human all over the world. There can be a lot of reasons behind this issue; it can be your lifestyle, the kind of food you eat, your surroundings, your genes or even can be a hereditary issue.

But, do we know since when this problem is exactly dreading and creating issue among us? Is this possible, that this issue is much older than the human race on the planet? Yes, you heard it right. We are not the first beings on our planet, who are facing the issue of dandruff.

A study by Paleontologists discovered the oldest incidence of dandruff, and it is no one in the human. They are in dinosaurs. The unfortunate one is called as Microraptor, a 125M-year-old feathered dinosaur.

Researchers studied a remnant of this carnivorous dinosaur, which is in such a good condition that it reveals the existence of dandruff, even in the dinosaur’s era. The study was done on the skin flake preserved after millions of rains.

Researchers from University College Cork, Maria McNamara, said this is a good find in so many years. She told to Ian Sample, at The Guardian that, “This is the lone fossil dandruff discovered.” Till now, we are not completely aware of the process of skin shedding of dinosaurs.

As per the study, dandruff is troubling the beings since the late medieval Jurassic era. Prof. Mike Benton, Co-author, University of Bristol, said it disclosed a lot about that how the feathered creatures are different than their scaly descendants.

Benton said, with the findings of the research, the existence of dandruff proves that dinosaurs are not shedding their whole skin like the snake and lizard of our times; rather, they are losing fragments of skin from between their feathers.”