A Fully Electric Solar Reefer Introduced By eNow

A Fully Electric Solar Reefer Introduced By eNow

eNow recently unveiled its first all-electric, solar-based cooling system on a 53-foot trailer in partnership with Volta Power Systems.

Solar panels and lithium-ion batteries provide power to the trailer’s cooling system, significantly reducing operating costs, noise, emissions, eNow said.

The refrigerated trailer has three of the largest Volta modules with a total output of 75 kWh, which is enough energy to run the trailer for a full day of delivery. The lithium-ion system is charged by eNow’s proprietary 5.4KW solar modules, permanently attached to the top of the trailer, and its patented charge controller.

The advanced photovoltaic modules are lightweight and flexible yet robust enough to withstand the natural elements. The battery bank can also be charged on site by using shore power during charging.

“Our case studies have shown that solar electric trailers can cut operating and maintenance costs by 90%,” said Jeff Flath, president, and CEO of eNow. “With approximately 500,000 refrigerated semi-trailers in the US alone, the savings integrated with lower emissions can aid the refrigerated logistics industry.”

The solar power system runs silently and lessens both fuel emissions and costs, the company said. eNow study illustrates that solar electric trailer can diminish at 86% carbon dioxide, 98% of nitrous oxide emissions, and 97% particulate matter.

“With over 75 kWh of power, the trailer functions without the emissions and noise of a conventional diesel cooling system,” said the co-founder of Volta Power Systems, Jack Johnson. “Our system consumes one-third of the space and one-sixth of the weight of conventional battery systems, which means more space for the product and lower fuel consumption.”

The Volta Power Packs use automotive Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) technology to distribute the maximum energy density in the market.

The solar electric trailer was launched at the ACT (Advanced Clean Transportation) exhibition that was hosted at Long Beach, CA.

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