A $25 Million Initiative Launched By Microsoft To Use AI For Disabilities

A $25 Million Initiative Launched By Microsoft To Use AI For Disabilities

A $25 Million initiative is being launched by Microsoft to use artificial intelligence (AI) to develop better technology for individuals with disabilities.

The new “AI for Accessibility” endeavor was declared by Satya Nadella, the CEO, as he commenced the annual conference of Microsoft for software developers. The symposium is intended to promote keenness for the latest ventures of the firm in AI, Internet-connected devices, virtual reality, and cloud computing.

The new program and the conference present Microsoft a chance to accentuate its philosophy of developing AI technology for social good. The spotlight can assist to offset few of the ethical and privacy concerns that have surfaced regarding AI and other rapidly advancing technologies, entailing the potency that software formulas can bring about or even intensify racial and gender biases.

Brad Smith, Microsoft President, stated the firm anticipates empowering people by speeding up the progress of AI tools that offer them with more avenues for employment and independence. He said, “It might be an accessibility requirement linking to deafness or vision or to something such as dyslexia or autism. There are around a billion individuals on the globe who have some sort of ailment, either temporary or permanent.”

Microsoft has already trialed with its own accessibility devices, such as a free smartphone application “Seeing AI” using narration and computer vision to assist individuals to find the way if they have low sight or are blind.

A CCS Insight analyst, Nick McQuire, said, “Individuals with disabilities are mostly overlooked when we take technology advances into considerations, but Microsoft perceives this as a major domain to deal with fears over the technology and contend against Amazon, IBM, and Google.”

Other declarations at the Build conference consist of affiliations with chipmaker Qualcomm and drone company DJI. Over 6,000 individuals are logged to attend; a majority of them are developers who develop applications for products of Microsoft.

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