Trump disagrees with advisor on reopening schools

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday expressed his disagreement with his advisor on the coronavirus crisis, infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci, regarding the reopening of schools in the country.

Should pupils and students return to school or university in September? This question seems to emerge as a point of divergence between the two men.

Before Senate officials on Tuesday, Dr Anthony Fauci warned against the potentially very serious consequences of an overly hasty reopening of the country. He had on this occasion explained that a vaccine would in all likelihood not be available on the usual date of resumption of classes, and had advised caution to States wishing to lift the containment measures.

“I was surprised by his response,” President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House on Wednesday. “For me, this is not an acceptable answer, especially concerning schools. “

“We are reopening our country, people want this reopening, the schools will be opened,” he said.

Despite some clashes in the past, the American president has so far always supported Mr. Fauci. But the latter has increasingly been pushed into the background as Donald Trump has emphasized the need to reopen the country's economy.

“Anthony is a good man, really good. I disagreed with him, “said Donald Trump in an interview excerpt to be released on Thursday morning on Fox Business Network.

“I think we have to reopen our schools,” repeated the American president during this interview. “I strongly disagree with him on schools. “

Asked Tuesday about his discrepancy with that of the Republican president, Anthony Fauci had rejected any “confrontation”.

“I give advice and (the president) listens to it and respects it and he gets information from various people. In the past few months, there has been no conflictual relationship between us, “he told senators.