Armed radicals to denounce confinement in the United States

From show of force to the threat of death. Far-right militias opposed to containment decreed in Michigan, hard hit by the COVID pandemic – 19, decided to raise the tension one step further this week by calling for the lynching and assassination of the Democratic Governor of this neighboring state of Canada, Gretchen Whitmer. A rise in violence decried by the local elected officials of the two political camps, on the eve of a new demonstration planned Thursday in the capital, Lansing, and baptized by these heavily armed radicals the “last judgment”.

“Whenever armed militias appear in the public debate, the phenomenon is to be taken seriously, summarizes on the other end of the wire the republican political strategist Mike Madrid, joined by Le Devoir in Sacramento, California. The movement is certainly marginal, but it is also fueled by the statements of President Donald Trump who, in late April, called for the liberation of the states ruled by the Democrats. There is a dangerous element in this equation, and as a Republican, I find it rather appalling. “

The majority of Americans are in favor of the containment measures decreed by the governors

– Mike Madrid

For several days, activists for the reopening of the state of Michigan have been having a great time on social networks as a new demonstration approaches Thursday in front of the political institutions of the state, organized by the Michigan United for Liberty group. And above all, they are no longer afraid of directly threatening the governor of the state, whose name is mentioned as a possible running mate for Joe Biden in the presidential race next November.

Epidemic of violence

Call for lynching here, death threat there. “I wonder how long it will take before she takes a shotgun,” wrote Chris Parrish in a Facebook group that is prosaically called People of Michigan vs. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The Detroit daily newspaper Metro Times quotes it.

“We need a good old lynching, to take the Capitol by storm, drag its bully's ass down the street and tie it up like our ancestors would have done,” adds John Campbell father, of Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine group, while elsewhere online, dozens of activists announce that they are coming Thursday “armed to the teeth” because “voting is too late”.

In late April, these armed groups had attracted the attention of the world to this eastern American state when they entered the Michigan State Capitol with their arms in hand to demand the end of the containment measures adopted to avoid the spread of COVID – 19. The state has registered more than 4600 dead to date, namely 46 death by 100 000 inhabitants. Quebec reached a lower level, with 37 killed by 100 000 inhabitants.

Tuesday, during the session of the Senate of Michigan, the democratic senator, Mallory McMorrow, denounced these forms of intimidation, which she believes will make “blood spill on the lawn of this building [le sénat]” . “These people are thugs and their tactics are despicable,” said Michigan Republican majority leader Mike Shirkey. “Threatening the safety or the life of a person, elected or not, is not acceptable. Period. “

For Mike Madrid, “the majority of Americans are in favor of the containment measures decreed by the governors and the recommendations made by the federal government,” he said. But the anger of several groups in society is also being heard more and more “, the more the end of the health crisis, which seems to be more and more complicated in the United States, tends to loom on the horizon.

Containment conspired

This week, a large coalition of conservative forces brought water to this mill of revolt by launching the We are NOT in this together movement, and calls for resistance to the “cruel and oppressive dictates” imposed by elected officials who “abused the kindness” of people.

Pro-Trump activist Amanda Head has spoken out for this group who claims that politicians used COVID – 19 “as an excuse to expand their powers and centralize the economy”.

These movements emerge when the American president raised hopes on Monday by announcing that “everywhere across the country, the numbers are falling rapidly”. Another lie: A government report dated May 7 obtained by NBC reveals rather that the pandemic is growing in several new outbreaks in the country, particularly in counties loyal to the president.

In cities such as Nashville (Tennessee), Des Moines (Iowa), Amarillo (Texas), Racine (Wisconsin), Garden City (Kansas) or Central City (Kentucky), strongholds of Trumpism, COVID- 19 grew there by 72% since the beginning of the month. 650% in Central City only. But the White House preferred not to reveal this information for the moment.

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