Young black paramedic killed by police in the United States

The nightly homicide of a black paramedic in her own apartment by Kentucky police aroused the indignation of American politicians, associations and internet users on Wednesday, denouncing a new case of racial violence.

Breonna Taylor, 26 years old, and her companion Kenneth Walker slept on 14 March in this apartment in Louisville, when the police of this city of Central United States unauthorized broke down, family lawyer said in a statement.

The agents, with a search warrant, were acting on a false wanted opinion concerning a suspect who no longer lived in the building and who was already detained. They hit the young woman with at least eight bullets, according to the lawyer.

The police did not respond to the facts

– Ben Crump

Kenneth Walker, who had a firearms license, reacted to the intrusion by shooting the police. He was arrested for attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

This case, which went relatively unnoticed at the material time, resurfaced this week with the intervention of Ben Crump, a lawyer known to defend black victims of police blunders.

He filed a complaint on behalf of the family of Breonna Taylor, demanding “responses” from the Louisville police, who have so far not responded.

“The police did not provide any response to the facts and circumstances of this tragedy, nor did they take responsibility for this senseless murder,” said Ben Crump.

The mayor of Louisville, Greg Fisher, said he wanted the “truth to come out”. “The police can find themselves in extremely difficult situations,” he noted, adding: “Besides, the residents have rights.”


Ben Crump also represents the family of Ahmaud Arbery, a black jogger killed by two whites in February in the state of Georgia, a case which recently aroused outrageous reactions after the broadcast of a video of the facts.

Several American personalities have expressed their indignation at the death of Breonna Taylor.

“It is so dehumanizing that Breonna's family and many others are forced to launch public campaigns just so that the lives of the victims are recognized and obtain the dignity of justice”, deplored Alexandria Ocasio -Cortez, rising star of the Democratic Left.

“#BreonnaTaylor was one of the healthcare professionals who helped us through this pandemic. But even as it helped save lives, police violence took its own, “also accused the Black Lives Matter movement.

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